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Bradley Law Group

Our Attorneys


Dennis A. Bradley II 

Dennis has spent the first years of his law practice in the area of government first serving as legislative coordinator in Congress for the office of the 4th District. After he started several successful campaigns of his own running first for the Board of Education and being voted the President. Next Dennis has served as The Senator of the 23rd District representing Connecticut largest city. After almost a half of decade of service Dennis return to the full time practice of law. Winning cases in both criminal and personal injury.

Dennis is passionate about standing up for the people and making sure the government and big insurance companies do not take advantage of their rights.

Dennis believes that there is no case too big or too small and gives all their clients a loving and compassionate touch.

When not at work Dennis and his wife enjoy going out to eat and cooking at home. He is involved in many local nonprofits and enjoys going to church and getting a good word. 


Mark E. Bradley

A former assitant prosecutor and army national guard officer. Mark is passionate about defending the rights of our clients. He has many years of courtroom experience and understandings how to present a case when clients are seriously hurt and/or wrongfully accused. Mark Bradley became of counsel to Bradley Law Group.

Mark loves spending time with  his children and is a passionate sports enthusiast, 

He is also fluent in Spanish. 


Dr. Dennis Bradley Sr. 

Doctor in Medicine in 1983.
Master in psychology Northeastern University 2006

Dr. Bradley is a office director of Bradley Law Group ensuring all cases are reviewed, medical records are obtained and accurate information is presented by our lawyers to maximizes our injured clients cases. Dr Bradley will make sure we coordinate with your medical providers to ensure our clients get all the treatment they deserve. 


He is a native Spanish speaker. A full time Pastor and a strong believer in community and family.


Alida Calvillo Bradley

Mrs. Calvillo Bradley is an immigration specialist and tax expert. She has been working in the area of Immigration as a paralegal, notary and clerk for over 30 years.


She has a through understanding of the immigration process and the intersectionality of how criminal charges, marriage and divorce may affect your petition or immigration application. 

Mrs. Calvillo Bradley is a native Spanish speaker, co pastor and loves spending her time with her grandchildren and in her garden. 

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